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The Plan, Our Mission and the Future




On2Docs was founded by a group of tech enthusiasts and business leaders to provide a better alternative for private-cloud based data storage.

Most of us either know or have heard somewhere that everything is shifting to cloud: storage, computing, movies, shopping. Consequently options have appeared that allow you to store your information without the worry of losing it due to local hardware failure. The data you store could be something as simple as business paperwork or as precious as photographs of your loved ones.

  • At first glance, we are just another player in this field. But what we offer provides you with something every other online data storage company lacks, total anonymity and untraceable files. If this peaks your interest, you’ll be pleased to find that you can also make steady cashback by choosing us, keep reading and we’ll explain how you can shape and expand your passive income.


Our mission is to provide affordable document and file storage within our private cloud for our Members, while ensuring that with reasonable effort our Members can get these services for free.

There are few people who aren’t concerned that larger companies may be using your data for mining and their personal profit? Or maybe even peeking at your ideas? It may sound like a conspiracy theory if some of the tech giants did not confirm the fact already. So, are you willing to continue to allow these companies to profit off of you, while you pay to use their services?

  • Public services are more obvious target for hackers. From the security standpoint, the “defenses” would be pretty much the same: SSL, TFA, data encryption. But it is much more promising for the intruders to target a larger company, for financial reasons.

Lastly, who would not want to make some extra money while using our storage services? It is all in your hands due to our referral model!

What services are our “members” getting?

Making it simple:



1 Single Box service

  • Monthly subscription cost is $10
  • 100 GB of private cloud storage space



4 Single Boxes service

  • Monthly subscription cost is $40
  • 500 GB of private cloud storage space

All services include

  • Safe and secure way to store your documents, photos, etc
  • On-line access with two-way encryption and browser-based viewer
  • Ability to share files, documents and templates among members
  • Ability to earn passive income for years, while being a part of something big: we will be making cloud storage cheaper and secure


We cannot tell you what is waiting for us ahead, but we promise to keep you updated about our plans and listen to our members. We will publish the best ideas and let you choose the direction this project goes. For now, step one is providing our members with a mobile application for Personal Cabinet.


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